• Zach

Why He Scored

So, everyone’s talking about THAT Vincent Kompany drill. But, in this article I’m not going to be going over his technique or anything like that. What I’m going to be talking about it WHY he scored. He scored because he believed in himself. If you listen to his post match interview along with Pep Guardiola’s you would have heard that they all thought he shouldn’t shoot. He was even being yelled at by his teammates not to shoot. But, he believed in himself and trusted his ability so he took the shot. He had never even scored from outside the box before, but because he trusted his ability and didn’t listen to anyone else... he was able to do that and win City the league.

A little bit of a shorter article today but I just wanted to get straight to the point. No matter what people are saying, if you believe in yourself you can do incredible things!

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