• Zach


In this article, I will tell you exactly why players aren’t robots and how US coaches are getting it… WRONG!

Starting off the biggest issue I think the USA has is that we treat players like robots. What I mean by this is that US coaches tend to tell players what to do and control them (like robots) instead of letting them learn and have fun. To be a great footballer you need to be tactically very smart, this is more important then being technically skilled. If you look at Dutch footballers, they are both technical and tactical. They get the tactical knowledge from playing in the streets with their friends for hours on end every day. They get technically sound by going to team trainings and, by playing so much they will naturally improve their technique. If we are forcing kids to do technical drills from a young age, we will develop robots because even though they might have all the technical skill in the world, they will have no idea of what to do with the ball. We need to start letting kids play more and stop having so many fancy drills. We need to let them play without interruption from coaches. This will allow them to learn from experience which will actually help them in games and not from a coach yelling at them and telling them exactly what to do (like controlling a robot).

My final statement on this is: I know that parents like to see their kids doing complicated drills, and if you believe in that then go ahead and do it. But, if you really want to improve as a player and have a chance of making it to that pro level, you need to be playing and learning from experience. And also having fun. 😊

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