• Zach

Never Be Nervous Again

Do you ever feel nervous when going into games, trials, or high-pressure situations? Do you feel like you always fail in the biggest moments and crack under the pressure?

If so, then I have the ultimate fix for this problem.

What I do to make sure I am not nervous when going into high-pressure games or anything of that nature is repeat the exact same thing before EVERY GAME. I have a process that I perform before every single match. It doesn’t matter whether were playing a local scrimmage or in the national finals, I ALWAYS do the same thing. I am not going to share my process with you guys because it is somewhat private to me, but I will give you guys some examples of things you could do before every game.

Some things you could do to create a pre-match routine/ritual:

- Tape your wrists

- Listen to the same music

- Always put your socks and shoes on in the same order

- Meditate

- Read the same thing

- Talk to the same people

- Have the same color laces

- Etc.

This is not the extent of things you could do, you can choose anything you want to be part of your pre-match ritual! The only rule is that you must be able to control everything. Don’t choose something like: it has to be sunny outside. You can’t control this, so you don’t set it as your pre-match ritual. Choose something that is always in your control and you can always execute on.

Comment or DM me if you have any pre-match rituals or if you are going to start having pre-match rituals.

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