• Zach

How to Make Money for Soccer

In this article we will be giving you some tips on how to make money for football and why it is so important to have money for football. You need money in football to pay for different opportunities, equipment, and many other expenses. For example, if you are offered a trial for a team in Slovakia. You will need money to get there, if you don’t have the money then you will not be able to take that opportunity! So, now that we’ve explained why you need money, we will give you some great ways on how to make money.

1) Soccer Refereeing

To become a soccer referee, you have to do about 12 hours of training, and it costs around $100, but after this you will be a fully licensed referee. Once you have your license you can do 5 games per day every Saturday and Sunday. You get payed about $25 per game, so per weekend you could be making $250!

2) 1 on 1 Coaching

This is a little bit more difficult because you must get clients. What I would recommend you do to start getting clients is to put out a local ad for soccer 1 on 1 coaching. Once you have some clients, you can start charging $30-$40 per session. If you have a good number of clients, you can do about 3 sessions per day. Say you work 4 days a week, that’s about $500 per week.

3) eBay Arbitrage

This is my main source of income right now. I have done refereeing in the past and plan to star doing 1 on 1 coaching. What you want to do is go to garage sales, the dollar store, and any retail stores. Next, you want to find cheap items and search them on eBay. If they have sold for more on eBay than the store is selling, then you buy it at the store, list it on eBay, and keep the profits! You also can sell some of your old stuff in your house on eBay. I will be making a video on this soon to give you guys some more details on how to make the most money possible from this method.

I hope you guys can learn something from this, and it can help you make more money for your football journey. Also, before we wrap up, make sure you are not spending your money on dumb things and our saving it so you can use it when you really need it.

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